Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I've got the fringe fever people. Seeing fringes everywhere and loving them! I cut one for myself about two years ago and again last year. The first time round was a bigger success than the second, as I took far too much off the second time round and looked rather silly.

I've now been offered a free hair cut from Tony and Guy salon in Paddington. The question remains: should I or should I not have a professional hairdresser cut me a fringe?...hmm. I will now proceed to leave many inspiring pictures below and see if that helps me in my decision making.

Yup. Definately helped me make a final decision. Whether I follow through with it is another story.
Stay tuned ;)

Goodnight Tuesday xx

Friday, November 5, 2010

Home is where the house is.

I know how blessed I am to live in Bondi Beach, ON Bondi Beach even. I don't take this amazing location for granted..but hey, there is no harm in having a little day dream every now and then right?

 Don't the houses above remind you of the good ol' classic movie Mrs Doubtfire?? Mmm beautiful.

....this last one is my ultimate dream! New York City loft apartment. Yes please!

Sweet dreaming... xx