Monday, October 25, 2010

Had to share this....

Whilst surfing face book this evening I happened to stumble across a link to you tube and it was there that I found my new favorite female artist!
Her name is Jessica Cornish A.K.A Jessie J.

I don't see it necessary for me to insert information about where she is from etc... I am sure once you hear her sing you will do your own research... I just think it is amazing and inspiring to see fresh and original talent! Someone who doesn't need studio corrections, but who can naturally blow everyone away with each note that comes out of her mouth. Here we have Duffy meets Natasha Bedingfield, meets MIA, meets Christina Aguilera, meets Whitney Houston..and there is even a little MJ in there at times.
Cannot wait for Jessie J to release an album, as I know that it will be a sellout!

Just excited I could share my new fav with you!
Enjoy the video I have posted below. I have now seen this maybe 11 times in a period of 1.5hrs. I just simply can't get enough and wishhhh that she would release the acoustic version so I can put my earphones in my ears and play it over and over with hopes that I could to carry a tune just the way she does, with passion and rhythm and style. Mmm.... enjoy.
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