Sunday, March 21, 2010


What a week...
I had my first operation ever on Monday the 15th of March at 7.15am.
Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty. (nose job) Ouch!
It definitely was something I had been contemplating for a while but I never thought the healing process would be SO intense!

Thankfully I had my wonderful, beautiful, caring, kind-hearted mother come and stay with me for 7 whole days (as you need 7days for the bruising to go down).
Well it certainly has been a 7day emotional roller-coaster but everyone who knows about it has been so lovely and supportive! (Thank-you all my beautiful friends and family)
Mum and I decided on day 5 of the healing process that it might be a healthy idea to get out of the apartment we'd been cooped up in and drive down to my sisters place in Jervis Bay. So my amazing fiance' Jonathan accompanied us and we all enjoyed the gorgeous Friday afternoon drive. The scenery wasn't to harsh on the ol' eyes either. :)

It is always a joy to see my beautiful niece India and CUTE nephew Kaiden!

Kaiden named the cast on my nose an "Owie" and offered to rub it better.
I graciously declined...Ha ha.

Whilst in recovery and having very limited things to do I decided to google others who have had the same procedure. I was surprised to find that a lot of our Aussie celebs and Hollywood stars now have completely different noses to what they were born with! I loved looking at the before and afters!
Have a look for yourselves!

I finally after one entire week of having this cast on my nose get to see MY VERY OWN 'Before and After' tomorrow :) which I'm totally nervous but also completely excited about!
I'm praying it to be everything I've dreamed of and better!


Temeika-Jo xx

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